10,000 Progenitors

Be the owner of a limited series of Progenitors, each with a unique combination of traits.

0.02 ETH 100%

We first minted at 0.01 ETH. As community interest increases, we'll be gradually raising the mint price to reward early participants.

Breeding System

When you breed two foxes together, traits from both parents are passed to their offspring. Trade rares with other players!


We're developing a play-to-earn conquest model on top of our existing breeding system. Traits will play an important role!

Reward Token

We're also developing an ERC-20 reward token, which will be used to support our breeding system and play-to-earn economy.

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Breeding System

Fearsome Foxes are built on top of a genetic breeding system which allows you to pass the traits of parents onto their offspring.

Discover new traits through rare mutations and then sell them on the secondary marketplace.

The breeding system is in the late stages of development and you can check out our demo below!

A Complete Lifecycle

Fearsome Foxes have a lifecycle: being born, reaching adulthood, finding another fox to breed with, and (if you choose) even dying.

Each of these life stages are fully tradable on the NFT marketplace, with their own utility in the game.

Unlike other breedable games, the lifecycle will be circular, ulimately limiting the supply of foxes available on the secondary market.

Players will be able to choose, either to just trade their foxes, or risk them in combat.

A World's First:
Dynamic Expressions and Body Language

So NFTs are just JPEGs, right?

Unlike Punks, Kongz and Apes - Fearsome Foxes have dynamic expressions and body language, which changes every time you refresh their metadata, with unlimited combinations.

Dynamic Profile Pictures (DPFP)

Fox owners will gain access to a dynamic profile picture, changing expression every time it is refreshed.

Find the perfect expression, which suits your own personality and then add it to your Twitter and other social media pages.

Don't worry about the cropping, that's all done automatically for you!

Development Roadmap

We have ambitious plans for breeding functionality and game development - help us reach our goal!

  • 1.1Gain feedback and ideas from our Discord community regarding our game development roadmap. Completed
  • 1.2Deploy the necessary server infrastructure. Completed
  • 1.3Deploy ERC-721 smart contract. Completed
  • 1.4Build frontend and landing pages. Completed
  • 1.5Build database schema. Completed
  • 1.6Build and test the core breeding system. Completed
  • 1.7Build separate profile pages for every fox. Completed
  • 1.8Build login system allowing players to login using Metamask wallet. Completed
  • 1.9Allow players to mint 10,000 limited edition "Progenitor" foxes. Completed
  • 1.10Create our ingame reward token, allowing players to earn 1 token per fox, per day. Completed
  • 1.11Publish our Terms and Conditions. Completed
  • 1.12Build breeding system user interface and complete alpha testing. Completed

  • 2.1Beta test of the breeding system with owners of Progenitor foxes. Completed
  • 2.2Gain feedback and ideas from our Discord community regarding our game development roadmap. In Progress
  • 2.3Finalize breeding system, based on feedback from the community.

  • 3.1Release breeding system to all users.
  • 3.2Gain feedback and ideas from our Discord community regarding our game development roadmap.
  • 3.3Modify database schema for combat system.
  • 3.4Deploy smart contract for combat system.
  • 3.5Update user interface for combat system.

  • 4.1Beta test of the dueling system with owners of Progenitor foxes.
  • 4.2Gain feedback and ideas from our Discord community regarding our game development roadmap.
  • 4.3Finalize dueling system, based on feedback from the community.
  • 5.1Release dueling system to all users.
  • 5.2Gain feedback and ideas from our Discord community regarding a new development roadmap.
  • 6.1Beta test of the conquest system with owners of Progenitor foxes.
  • 6.2Gain feedback and ideas from our Discord community regarding our game development roadmap.
  • 6.3Finalize conquest system, based on feedback from the community.
  • 7.1Release conquest system to all users.
  • 7.2Gain feedback and ideas from our Discord community regarding a new development roadmap.
  • 8.1Allow players to withdraw/deposit their ingame FOOD tokens into an ERC-20 smart contract, which they can then trade on decentralized exchanges.
  • Meet the Team

    We've assembled a dream-team of professionals, with a prolific track history of successful projects.
    • Mark

    • Lead Developer

    Mark is an Electronic Engineer and the founder of PointsPrizes, a viral rewards website with millions of monthly active users. He's an experienced web developer.

    • Vitor

    • Blockchain Developer

    Vitor is a prolific Blockchain Developer with numerous successful NFT projects under his belt, including Happyland Gummy Bears.

    • Nenad

    • Game Artist

    Nenad is a Master of Fine Arts. His portfolio covers an expansive range of different artistic styles, including a plethora of successful NFT collections and game projects.

    • Charlotte

    • Economist

    Charlotte is a Master of Economics. She's worked on a range of major MMORPG game projects, managing their economics and ensuring price stability for players.

    Frequent Questions

    We get certain questions asked more often, so here's our answers to the most common ones!

    Fearsome foxes aren't just collectables, they will also become breedables and combat units in a high-stakes game!

    The entire Fearsome Fox lifecycle is indexed by decentralized tokens at 0x2f399a7b835fefecd1aff86758de8d25784e2419 on the Ethereum blockchain.

    When you mint a Fearsome Fox, you're also kickstarting our game development project. We have a clear roadmap for game development and a plethora of exciting ideas that we want to bring to life!

    Our server infrastructure is already in place and Fearsome Fox avatars are already generated dynamically from our traits database. We have already developed a genetics system with gene dominance and occassional mutations.

    To reach Phase 2 of development, we only need to build our accounts login system and the user interface for our breeding system.

    Once you buy a Fearsome Fox NFT, you own a Fearsome Fox Licence, allowing you use that specific design in whichever way you choose.

    For example, you could use it as your social media avatar, print it on t-shirts and sell them, put it on a billboard alongside your product and more.

    However, the underlying character design and all traits of the Fearsome Fox itself are still copyrighted by us. That means you can't create new Fearsome Foxes, remix your design with other Fearsome Foxes you own, or modify the design in a way which brings disrepute to our brand or damages our intellectual property.

    For example, you can't make new Fearsome Foxes or feature your Fearsome Fox in an adult cartoon.

    The owners of Progenitor foxes will have early access to new game features and even special utility in the game.

    Furthermore, because foxes can die in combat or be sacrificed by their owners - as well forgotten in peoples wallets - it's likely they will become increasingly rare as time goes on.

    We have put considerable thought into the economics of the game, because we know people trade NFTs on secondary marketplaces like Opensea.

    Gravestones are a consumable used in the breeding process. In most cases, a fox must die for another one to be born. The marketplace supply of foxes will be tightly controlled and monitored.

    Obviously we're not in control of demand or the Etherium price itself, but we'll aim to stimulate the marketplace and reward existing owners with supply constraints wherever possible.

    In fact, we may even need to mint new Gravestones occassionally, to curtail any supply shortages!

    That's a bit further along on our roadmap, so looks like you'll have to mint your own foxes to find out!

    The Progenitor release will include 220 unique traits, split into 16 categories.

    Traits vary in rarity, all the way down to 1%. Future traits will be discovered through mutations, and some will be incredibly rare.

    We plan to at least double the total number of traits before we start breeding in Phase 2.

    Yes, but only if the owner chooses to allow it.

    Foxes can be sacrificed by their owners. Alternatively an owner can volunteer a fox for combat, during which they might die.

    Fearsome Foxes don't die of natural causes. If you're owning foxes simply for breeding or trading, then there's zero risk of them dying.

    Our game development plan for foxes includes a full lifecycle. That wouldn't be possible if we stored them on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), since we need to generate them dynamically.

    However, in the future we may introduce an option to permanently memorialize your Fox on IPFS.

    Fearsome Foxes is owned and operated by the french company SAS PointsPrizes, which was founded in 2017. Our revenue and other details are published annually as part of our legally required reporting.